Reading independently

Interesting piece of research though I wondered about the sample size, the family background and the way they tested on the performance.

I did not force Z to read, nor would I engage him in anything that he did not want to do. I had tried my luck and realized he was not a ready academia material. Who was I kidding? Academia did not actively run in our family but business instincts – yes. Z loved to hear me talk about the concept of selling, buying, rental, retail, distribution chain, how goods were made and more. Sometimes, he would ask about about advertisements and why different types of businesses existed. I guessed it was exposure from our talk that prompted his interest in business.

I felt that if he wanted to do anything, it should be requested by him and he should make an effort to make it materialize. I did not and would not hand it to him on a silver platter. I knew that by giving him everything freely, it would undermine the concept of its intrinsic value.

Recently, he surprised us by reading off his Chinese worksheets. We had not expected that and he was so gleeful and proud of it. He was grinning so happily. I was careful not to overpraise him. We commended him on a great job and I went on to tell him, “We love surprises! Surprise us again next time!” In doing so, I had set my expectation that he had done well and more could be done to improve on his current level. Z was gamed to take it on.

I also realized how steep the learning curve had been since Z started K1. His school had really ensured a lot of play when he was 3 and 4. Now that he was in the year of 5 years old, they had stepped up substantially. He was blessed with dedicated teachers who would start special reading classes earlier for the children on a rostering basis. It showed me a lot of dedication for their work. I had to say I was really impressed by the teachers’ passion and initiatives in teaching and moulding these little kids. It made me almost teary knowing how much they cared for Z and his friends.

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