Leaders in school

Z and his friends had been rostering the role of leader in school.  We did not know about this arrangement until Z brought it up.

However, this little boy had been feeling out of sorts.  He told us that he had only been made leader once while some of his friends had gotten to lead the class (like the role of a monitor) more than once.  He was not alone in his predicament and had even discussed with the affected classmate.

This revelation alone made me realise how old he was growing up to be.  He was not even 4.5 years’ old yet!

I suggested to him to talk to his teachers because he seemed so forlorn about it.  It disturbed him so much that I had to step in to talk to his teachers, only to find out that he might have missed out on his turn when he did not attend school on some days.  The teachers had not realised that the little ones had taken so much heart and attention to it.

Well, neither did we, so we all learnt.

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