Marketing, advertising & reviews

Having been in this line for pretty long, at times, I liked to break down the hidden message in a marketing promotion, an advertisement or a review.  I looked at things in a particular manner and dissected every single word mentally.

Similarly, when salespeople talked to me, I always tried to read their true and real intention.  That did not mean I was not susceptible to their claims.  What I merely wanted to do was to decipher and sieve out the genuine claims from the inflated claims.

I truly enjoyed marketing because it was an art and it was fun.  I enjoyed being drawn in and to be made to feel like buying something.  Some of the magazines were really fantastic, so it got to a point where I thought it would be healthier for my wallet not to flip the pages.  Harper’s Bazaar had the most awesome product shoots and layouts ever.  Very long ago, there was ‘Smitten’ which got me pretty smitten that I would be sure to seek out apparels and accessories featured in the magazine.  Unfortunately, the publisher folded shortly after one year.

I generally trust Japanese & European brands slightly more than the others because they were truer in a sense.  Having worked in Japanese firms, I knew how strong an integrity they held.  They might not be able to craft the sexiest marketing message because of so many reasons out there, they were really made of steadfast quality.

There were too many truths and untruths to filter through.  No wonder brand loyalty would develop.

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