X’s first trip to the Zoo


Given that we had such an extensively planned day, we actually reached the zoo at 845am. The earliest time ever… And it was a free visit, courtesy of the corporate pass from the company.

I had also applied for the corporate pass to visit the River Safari and Bird Park in June too. Double cheers for that!

We started the visit with the treetop trail. We also stopped for a morning tea break. Z was at a better position to understand and ask questions. X was simply excited. He pointed at some birds in the sky and said,”burp!”

We were impressed until we realized he called every animal “burp”.

After a previous visit to the water playground, X got very excited when he saw the setup at Kidzworld.


He was thrilled yet scared at the same time. He was lucky to have Z to hold his hand and guide him. That helped to build his courage to explore other parts of the water playground.

We cleaned both boys up at a quarter to 11 so that they could catch the animal show. It was disappointing though. Perhaps the show was too overpacked with audience and there was too much movement of people trying to find seats, after the show had started, which affected the performance. I also guessed it could be because there were too many people so the children were not allowed to pet the animals at the end of the show too. The last time Z came when I was still pregnant with X, he had a fine time watching the show and learning about the pet animals too.

We finished up the other side of the zoo trail and was impressed with the polar bear’s cove. Well, it was great that they were doing some upgrades to the zoo.


Some creepy crawlies



I recalled having a nightmare looking for tables and queuing for food at the zoo, so I planned for lunch at Tott Bistro which was 10 minutes’ drive away. I rather liked this arrangement.

Tucking into our favorite earl grey lavender beancurd


We wrapped up the day with a facial for myself, naps for the boys and a dinner date with family. We even squeezed in a short grocery trip.

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