Hot day of parties

A few Sundays ago, like any of our standard epic weekends, it was epic-ly hot.

We had breakfast at a nearby hawker centre because we thought there were some new stalls from Longhouse. Unfortunately, it was too early and the stalls were not opened. This began a hot and stuffy morning.

Z and X had a field day running around in the empty hawker centre.


I took Z to swimming class for a change. Boy, was I melting under the sun while he was enjoying his class which was followed by a game of ‘water-polo’ with his swimming classmate.


We rushed to a baby’s full month party before rushing to one end of Singapore for Z’s classmate’s birthday party. It was a poolside party with some awesome props.


The parents were all busy fanning or wiping the sweat dry. Hot as it was, the hosts provided pretty nice red wine so I had glasses and glasses of it. There were carnival booths for the party guests. It was a pretty elaborate birthday party, completed with a bouncy castle and an hour’s long puppet show. It actually kept X occupied!


Then again, it could be sugar rush from the ice cream, popcorn or cotton candy.



The boys played so much that they missed their afternoon naps and still had energy for table soccer.


And light sticks wielding into the night..


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