X says

A week shy of 16 months’ old, X had been able to say bird, ball, mama, mummy, papa, bao bao (hug), bao (full), tiah tiah (a really off-tangent attempt to articulate kor kor), mum mum (food), loud shrieks to indicate excitement, loud screams to get attention and grunts to show his displeasure.

The boys were able to play very well together. Z took the initiative to play in X’s room and we could hear constant laughters from both boys.


Somehow, X had removed his pants midway. When I carried X out of the cot, I laid him on the floor to wear the pants. He was about to wriggle away when I told him that Z would be putting on the pants for him. X actually stayed motionless for Z to help him.

It was really cute and comical.

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