The day that X was bitten in school

It happened a month ago.

On the day he was bitten, I brushed the information aside.  I was not going to be a ‘monster parent’ and overreact.  Or so, I thought.

I saw the bite mark.  It was deep enough to break the skin.  I heard that he was bitten by the same child who had bitten other infant-mates previously.  I told Mr H, “Of all children she had to bite, she really should not have bitten X because I would want this issue to be addressed formally, given the precedence.”

As most of my friends knew, I wrote generally well.  However, some of my friends would know better, I wrote letters of complaints very well.  I put together a quick note and emailed to the school with attached evidence the very same night.  I worked fast, I moved fast and it was the same at home.

Frankly speaking, I knew the school had put in efforts to prevent such incidents from happening.  However, preventive measures could only work to a certain extent.  Biting incidents were pretty common in school too, this I understood because toddlers wanted to explore too.  So what could I not accept?  The idea of having a serial biter did not sit very well with me.

I also heard from other affected parents that the parents of the said biter had never apologised personally to them too.  I was really, really surprised.  Later on, I found out that they had been doubtful of such claims too.  That really made me decide to write to the school.

The root of the problem was not because the school failed to put good measures in place.  I told the school director that the problem was with the child’s parents. How could I fault a 17-month old for biting?  Or how could I stress the school too?  What I could not tolerate was the lack of good parenting.  How could anyone take freedom of growing up so liberally and not step in to teach that biting was inherently a wrong act?

Thankfully, the school had worked on this with the biter’s parents on how they could educate the child.

This was an illustration of how poor parenting could lead to social issues and impact other people.  My poor X might have to grow up with a tiny scar on his forearm and it would always remind me on how a person’s poor decision would inconvenience another person.

I hoped X would be the last victim in the biter’s book.

2 responses to “The day that X was bitten in school

  1. Hope the scars disappear… cannot imagine what fits I am gonna throw… I must learn to stay calm…

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