The Holiday Ransom

A mother of Z’s classmate commented that the children at their preschool were generally well-travelled.  This had created a very strong leverage for the parents. I could not deny this.  I used this to our advantage all the time.

The children loved to discuss about holidays in school.  They would get very psyched up when one of them was travelling or if one of them freshly returned to share their tales of foreign adventures.

We had a trip coming up.

Given that this was a scheduled post, we would have long returned from the trip by the time this was published.

Z was so excited about the trip.  However, Z being Z, always had his trying days.  With the holiday, I was able to hold him ransom.  I had a huge bargaining chip in my favour and I used it as often as I could. Ready advantage rocked…

Whenever he ate extremely slow, whenever he refused to cooperate with us, whenever he refused to get out of bed (and more), I would go, “It would seem like you did not wish to go Korea because you had chosen to do XXX, YYY..”  Then he would step and play by our rules.

Trust me, it was awesome to see a whinny tantrum go from full force to zero in split second.  I saved myself many wrinkles too.

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