Driving up the wall

Z totally acted up during the trip. He was uncooperative and broke into tears at the slightest things.

It was a test of patience.

I reckoned this was one of the most poorly behaved times ever. It was like his instinct went off the tangent and stopped listening to us. This was in spite of coaxing, delighting him with toys and yet, he was still hyper active enough to cause havoc.

I wondered if there was a remedy action for terrible 5s.

Or was it a reaction to group traveling and a need to exhibit his leadership to ‘impress’ the younger babies.

By the end of Day 6, Mr H could not resist but to smack Z to remind him of his place.

On my end, I had learnt to capture his bad behavior on video as evidence that he misbehaved or was being too difficult.

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