Second Day in Korea

We woke up to a glorious breakfast prepared by the host at Casa Seorak.  The toast was really very nice.  The fruits were outshone by our strawberries picked from the day before.  20140522-221805-80285175.jpg

As we had picked very ripe and sweet organic strawberries, we realized we had to consume them within the day itself too, so that made up the second part of our breakfast.  We had 2 boxes of this!  20140522-221805-80285502.jpg

The boys played at the porch while waiting for everyone to pack and bring their luggages down.  We were due to set off at 10am.  Denny was rather disappointed that we could not set off earlier, as the breakfast could only be served at 9am.20140522-221807-80287002.jpg


Our first stop was Naksansa Temple at Sok Chi City.  It overlooked the sea and was built on the slopes.  This temple was rebuilt but still offered a beautiful view of the sea.  Strollers were definitely a no-no because of how steep some of the slopes were.  This was the highest point of the temple and the first thing we did was to buy ice cream and soak up the view.20140522-221807-80287677.jpg

The second stop was to Daepo Fish Market.  There were many stalls selling fresh seafood and sashimi.  I would love to try the sashimi but travelling with children meant that we were more conservative and hence, we opted for the fried fresh seafood.

These fried snack stalls offered a tiny sitting area but 10 of us (6 adults, 1 child & 3 babies) managed to squeeze within the small space!20140522-221809-80289160.jpg


Last stop at Sok Chi city was the observatory.  It was a very simple attraction, no wonder it was only 1,500won.  What interested Z the most was the toy car rental at its foot.  Unfortunately, Denny was rushing us to head off to the next city which was going to be a 4 hours’ drive away!20140522-221809-80289644.jpg

This was our mobile diaper changing, feeding & sleeping zone for the 4 kids!20140522-221810-80290016.jpg

We arrived at Suwon at 6pm.  We were brought to a local market which was near the Hwaseong Fortress that I wanted to visit.  The fortress was scheduled for the next morning.  After a brief market tour, we checked in at the hotel and headed out for dinner.

Our biggest delight was Paris Baguette.  It offered more variety than what was available in Singapore (for sure!).  We bought bread and tarts for next day’s breakfast.

We ended up at this Korean restaurant which specialized in fish hotpot.  Honestly, we did not know what they sold because we had not understood the pictures on their external signage.  They also did not feature a pictorial menu.  The cook literally brought out the pot of uncooked food for illustration.

As it was rather late, we settled for this restaurant.  It was a hit & miss because some of us found it fishy and some of us found it acceptable.

X was not particularly impressed and was too busy with running around the restaurant.20140522-221811-80291319.jpg



X, chilling out after dinner in the hotel room20140522-221811-80291834.jpg



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