Third Day in Korea

We agreed to meeting Denny at 830am to visit the Hwaseong Fortress at the city centre.  Suwon was an unlikely place of attraction for most tourists, so why was I so intrigued by this Hwaseong Fortress?  Well, blamed it on the historial Korean drama which mentioned this fortress quite a few times.  If you had watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal, this was the fortress that the king kept talking about to honour his father and to dilute the political power in the original capital.

We walked around part of the fringe of the fortress.20140523-214818-78498149.jpg

We took this Hwaseong Trolley (round trip) which took us around the fortress, basically taking the trolley saved us the walking effort and climbing up a slope.  When you had kids, diaper bag and stroller (and multiply that by 3 families), the trolley was a great relief.  I also had the pleasure of recapping my favorite parts of the K-drama to Mr H who could not remember how the story went.  20140523-214818-78498481.jpg




We were done within 1.5hours and headed to Korean Folk Village which was 25minutes’ drive away.  Once we reached the ‘park’, Denny rushed us to watch the horse-riding performance.  It was really impressive though my photos failed to capture the essence.  I was far too preoccupied with carrying X and explaining to him on the performance.20140523-214819-78499685.jpg


Denny took us to a ‘rich man’s manor’ within the village.  He explained how the manor was ‘transplanted’ from its original location to be within the ‘park’.  Apparently, korean houses were a tad like lego where they could dismantle and assemble rather easily.  There was an actual wedding happening in the manor too… rather interesting that you could conduct a wedding ceremony within a tourist attraction.  If there was no real wedding ceremony, there would actually be a wedding ceremony acted by the park’s artistes.

We also visited the governor’s house where there was a funny skit happening.  However, everything was in korean, so we did not understand a thing.  It was also too much of a mouthful to get Denny to translate.  We headed off to a folk museum, checked out more ‘exhibits’ and had lunch.

Post lunch, there was a farmer’s dance to catch.  Honestly, I did not know that the traditional korean dance was known as the farmer’s dance.

Denny took us to more exhibits and even showed Z how to feed hay to the donkey.20140523-214820-78500879.jpg


We set off for Seoul at 3pm.  We reached Namsan Tower at 4pm and boy, it was a very nicely developed observatory with cafes, restaurants and even featured many locks of love.20140523-214821-78501716.jpg

It was also extremely windy and there was a light drizzle.  That prompted us to leave Namsan Tower and checked into our hotel by 5pm.  It was also where Denny bade a final goodbye to us as we would be handling Seoul on our own.

We found a pretty neat restaurant called the Congee House opposite our hotel.  It was great comfort food.  In my last visit, I had noticed that there were congee restaurants.  This time round, I realized there was a congee restaurant around almost every turn in Myeondong.  It spelled great news for parents because we could buy takeouts or fill our food thermos with congee.  It came in really handy on days that we were too lazy to cook porridge for X.20140523-214822-78502895.jpg

After dinner, we checked out MCM which was only 20m down the street.  It was pouring and we spent a long time examining every single colour and model.  The hubbies took the kids across the street and hung out at Coffee Bean.  By the time we were done window shopping and chatting at Coffee Bean, it was 10pm and we had to haul the kids back to hotel room.  It was not a pretty sight.

Featuring Z at the lobby – earlier in the night20140523-214822-78502128.jpg

Complimentary wine and snacks from the hotel20140523-214822-78502526.jpg


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