Fourth Day in Korea

It was refreshing to wake up and not have to check out of the hotel.  In fact, we were going to be staying at the Grand Hotel for a grand total of 7 days, pun totally intended.  Our plans for the first day in Seoul was simple – shopping around the area.  Grand Hotel was located strategically within Myeongdong and a short walking distance to Namdaemun.

X, looking all dazed at the hotel entrance20140523-221444-80084663.jpg



We had late breakfast at Lotteria because it was one of the few eateries which was on ground floor.  We were not mentally prepared to move the strollers up second floor via staircase.  Not every building was equipped with a lift and we had 3 strollers in tow.

Myeongdong was dotted with lots of cafes like these.20140523-221445-80085966.jpg

We walked down to Namdaemun through Shingsagae.20140523-221445-80085424.jpg

The items at Namdaemun outdoor market mainly boasted of food, frumpy apparels and knock-offs.  I liked the children’s clothing area but prices were surprisingly steep.  Paley & Love offered more competitive prices honestly.  I only bought hankies for the boys and a super discounted cap (US$5) for X.

Our friends’ kids needed a lunch break, so we headed back to Shingsegae.  I took the chance to check out the H store within Shingsegae.  I was also thinking about Burberry Black Label.  My holey brain thought that it was available in Korea too but it was wrong.  We adjourned to the basement level and was overwhelmed with the revamped food section.  It reminded me so much of the food basements in Japan!  The confectionery was prettily done up and in beautiful packaging too!

It was X’s turn to take lunch and we hung out briefly at Starbucks before shopping the last bits of Namdaemun.  By 3pm, we made our way back to Myeongdong.  We checked out the sights of Myeongdong and slowly shopped towards Lotte departmental store.20140523-221447-80087770.jpg




I saw a blue H toolbox 20 at their H DFS on level 10!  It was a tempting thought but there was a loose-looking stitch.  Had it been a red, pink or orange toolbox, I would have not resisted.  The boutiques on the duty free floors were listing their tax free prices in US$.  Given how strong korean won was when we were there, it would be more advisable to pay in US$.

We returned to Myeongdong and met our friends for lunch at Yoogane, a supposedly famous chicken galbi eatery.  It reminded me of BBQ Fast food.  The food was not too bad but it was super smoky.  X was pretty upset with the smoke, so we had to leave the moment we were done.20140523-221446-80086390.jpg





He was cool the instant we were outside of the restaurant.  Hence, I ended up shopping at Banila which was diagonally opposite the restaurant.20140523-221449-80089427.jpg

Banila offered one of the most expensive CC cream.  Etude house’s cc cream was at less than half the price!  Well, I remembered Banila had some good reviews, so hopefully the premium was justifiable.

With that, we headed back to hotel to rest for the night.  I also proposed for X & Z to share the bed, instead of X & I.  I really could not get used to being kicked the entire night.  For parents who co-sleep with their children, I had to salute you.

2 responses to “Fourth Day in Korea

  1. eatshopbemerry

    Am craving for korean food after viewing your K entries :p. Woah, do review Banila’s products. They’re really pricier than any K brands we have here. I’ve read rave reviews about their BB/CC creams and am interested to try 🙂

    The boys are looking cute as always !

    • The banila cc cream is very, very light as compared to the apieu cc cream that I have tried before. In fact, it is almost to the point of being watery. Plus it feels pretty greasy n lil coverage IMO… So I guess that is a dis-recommendation from me.

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