Fifth Day in Korea

I nearly forgot that we had purchased matching Batman T-shirts for the boys at Namdaemun the day earlier.  I tried it on the boys and was pretty amused.  I also realized that Z coined these as character T-shirts.  I guessed that was the term used in school.  My boy was growing up too fast.  Or should I correct – my boys were growing up too fast.20140523-230131-82891902.jpg

We were heading to the other side of Han River for the day.  This was the ‘mandatory’ outfit of the day shot during the holiday.  That was in jest.20140523-230132-82892370.jpg

We planned to have Krispy Kreme for breakfast.  I was surprised that the original Krispy Kreme cafe at Myeongdong had downsized significantly.  The selection was lesser too.20140523-230133-82893303.jpg

X was telling us which doughnut he wanted20140523-230132-82892886.jpg

X was a cheeky boy this holiday.  He attempted nonsensical stuffs in the cafe and even ended up walking into the corner of a table.  Back to Krispy Kreme, the Tiramisu flavour was odd.  There was a cream cheese topping with coffee powder.  My favorite was still the original glazed version.  Despite my love for Krispy Kreme, I had yet to try the local Krispy Kreme ironically.

We took the subway to Express Bus Terminal station.  My colleague tipped me off that there were clothes as cheap as 10,000 won (US$10) at the underground shopping mall attached to the station.  I checked online and a blogger mentioned that it was a 2-way 1km-long shopping mall.20140523-230136-82896168.jpg




The stores were pretty fun to shop.  I bought a pair of grey leggings for US$5, a black tulle skirt at US$5 and the other items ranged from US$10-US$25.  However, not everything was cheap, there were some apparels as steep as US$80!

I managed to get some pretty nice statement necklaces for US$5 and this made the costume jewellery selection & prices at Dongdaemun pale in comparison.

After a while, the stores seemed repetitive and it was simply a monopolistic competition.  We had lunch and went to the ‘Rodeo Drive’ of Seoul.

The mummies and kids at the Gangnam Station20140523-230133-82893921.jpg

We could have taken the subway to a nearer station but the fear of stairs meant we preferred to take the flat path above ground.  We visited the flagship MCM store at Gangnam and realized that the Myeongdong branch carried a wider selection.  The Rodeo Drive really reminded me of Champs Elysee and Japan’s Omotesando but the former were prettier and livelier.  We window-shopped at the other luxury stores.

We walked to Samwon Garden from the Rodeo Drive.  They boasted of top quality Korean beef for BBQ (think Kobe beef but Korean style).  It was really pricey at US$58 for 130g of meat.  That was not the priciest option though.20140523-230134-82894546.jpg

After dinner, we cabbed back to Myeondong which cost about US$7.30 as opposed to taking the subway for US$2.50.

The bedmates watching late night TV together20140523-230134-82894988.jpg

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