Part of a Blog Train

Zhing (from little project in style) emailed me a while back.  It was funny to be getting emails from her because the only times we emailed each other was to trade itineraries and agents’ contacts.  We were mostly keeping updates via social media and whatsapp!  On a sobering note, we had known each other since high school, and high school was so yester-years.  Throughout all these years, what amazed me was Zhing’s penchant (and talent) for homestyling and handicrafts.  It would be a dream to get her to dress up any parties!

As part of the blog train, I had to answer these 4 questions which were thought-provoking in a way.

1. What am I working on?

With regards to the blog, I write as and when I like.  I pen down most of my thoughts on the go, should there be a moment I am keen to record down.  In personal life, I am constantly working on new launches on because we bring so many beautiful children’s clothes that I wish could fit myself in!  On a professional work front level, I don’t discuss about it.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

As a mother of two, in some sense inevitably, there is a parenting element but with a corporate twist to it.  It mainly differs in the sense that I am asking fellow parents to chill, to stop rushing your children to enrichment classes, to stop fretting every little thing and basically, integrate parenting into our original lives as much as possible.  I apply a lot of management strategy and marketing concepts in what I write, be it to do with lifestyle or parenting entries.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Apart from making sure that my children attend a preschool with awesome teachers, I don’t bother with enrichment lessons at all.  I wish fellow parents would, in due time, come to agree and stop worrying so much about their kids’ progress.  What tomorrow’s world needs is not a bunch of strait laced academics but street smart individuals who possess strong drive, inner discipline and out-of-the-box quirkiness.  Tomorrow’s career might not even be in existence today.  Take for instance, social media agencies – would you have heard of them when we were 5?  Besides, would career even be a legit word next time?

4. How does my writing process work?

Systematic, processes, concept, messaging, takeaways, big stories, keynote, crux, essence; I enjoy reading business articles and that have lent corporate strategies in how I bring up my children, negotiate with my other half and is reflected subtly in my narrations.

However, I reckoned I could do better in terms of photography and actually posting up more photos for my blog entries. – Cher, one of my oldest online friend per se, since the days of Livejournal shares the latest news of what’s new and cool for kids.  She has a hectic blog schedule but it’s always handy to know the latest kids-related events/products/happenings from her blog. – Joce, a friend since Livejournal days too, writes about her feisty daughter bullying the sporty elder son.  Primarily, she shares about how she uses sports to develop her son’s kinesthetic intelligence.  The bullying bit is secondary but just as amusing to note. – Jene, an ex-classmate/schoolmate, pens down funny episodes of what her cheeky little-beng toddler gets up to.  It’s impressive that he is a #hokkien baby and makes me wish that I know some dialect to impart to Z & X. – Read about how Eve, a Singaporean mom, who writes about living in beautiful Switzerland with her kids, the challenges faced for a child has to fit in to their local system and spending some glorious weekends driving off to France for holidays.

3 responses to “Part of a Blog Train

  1. You have a very unique writing style. Enjoyed reading your entries.
    And the clothes in your online store… they’re really lovely! 🙂

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