Seventh Day in Korea

The most annoying thing was to lose a blog post.  It was not WordPress’ fault.

Anyway, back to working on the backlogged Korea Holiday entries.  This day was meant to be a shopping day, here was X looking on with apprehension.20140526-221133-79893223.jpg


We planned to shop at Dongdaemun.  There were 10++ of such wholesale shopping centres.  If you were to take the subway and exit at #9 or #10, you would end up facing Good Morning City Shopping Centre.  There were others such as the more famous Doota, APM, Migliore and more.

This was how Good Morning City looked like20140526-221133-79893781.jpg

In Seoul, all the shopping districts and within the shopping area itself, there was very strong monopolistic competition.  It meant quite a few items could be found in Myeongdong, in Dongdaemun, in Hongdae and even at Express Bus Terminal.  I saw a dress for US$68 at Express Bus Terminal but I got it for US$42 at Dongdaemun.  Conversely, I saw a cardigan for US$18 at Express Bus Terminal but it was going at US$22 at Dongdaemun.

While the apparels at such wholesale shopping centres were not as cheap as in China or Bangkok, the quality was a lot better.  I could imagine some of these going at US$2-300 in Japan because I had seen many ‘Made in Korea’ fashion in Japan too.

We spent the entire in the area where I added a healthy stash of tops, dresses and jackets to my collection.  The shopkeepers were pretty funny.  When they saw X, they would suggest to give me US$5 discount because he was cute.  If he was wailing, I would take the chance to ask for more discount.  I had been able to slash the price of most items from US$65/68 to US$50.

We did not visit Doota because it typically offered higher prices than the rest.  The buildings nearer to Doota were also pricier.

Anyway, I was rather surprised that the malls were pretty empty too.  It was very unlike the last 3 visits.

By evening, we headed to Myeongdong to try this 1-star Michelin Star eatery boosting of knife-cut noodles.  Though we had the address, I could not find the eatery.  Thankfully we had data plan, so I searched for information and chanced upon this blog entry.  I used the instructions and pictures to find the eatery.  There were 2 stores in the same street (oddly).20140526-221133-79893936.jpg

I considered it an eatery because it was so crammed for families with children and strollers (like us)!  Almost everything was 8000 won on the menu and there were only 5-6 items on the menu.

The gyoza – which tasted the same as the dumplings in the soup – hence, not really important to order this20140526-221134-79894257.jpg

A huge bowl of noodles which was very smooth!20140526-221135-79895343.jpg

The soup was great too 20140526-221134-79894752.jpg


We had a quick dinner and left the eatery for more shopping.  There was a Migliore at Myeongdong but that was rather disappointing.  It was only 2 floors and the stores did not seem to have much trendy stuffs.

We shopped more before ending the night at Caffe Bene with a korean version of ‘ice kachang’.  This bowl of ice was 9800 won.  I had to say, Seoul offered a really expensive cafe culture.20140526-221135-79895659.jpg

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