Eighth Day in Korea

This was meant to be a Kids’ Day Out!  I had wanted to go Lotte World but we had brought Z there less than 2 years’ ago and Mr H was still suffering from TPF (Not referring to The Purseblog Forum, but Theme Park Fatigue).  Hence, I researched a little and decided to check out the Grand Children Park in Seoul.  It looked pretty interesting on the web!

The family selfie on subway20140526-221333-80013236.jpg

The Grand Children Park had a station of its own called the Grand Children Park – rather literal!  The park offered free admission and looked rather cute!  There were many kids at the park and we were impressed by how big the park was.  However, the rides’ section was under renovation.20140526-221333-80013565.jpg

This was the Children’s museum20140526-221334-80014129.jpg

We made a beeline for the Auto Park!  Z was so excited about the prospects of driving a small vehicle on his own.  Unfortunately, this Auto Park was a little similar to our Road Safety Park and it was opened for educational’s purpose.  They would only admit Korean children.  #gasp #horrors20140526-221334-80014839.jpg

Z was super disappointed, so were we!  We pleaded so hard to let him go in and walk around, nevermind that he could not drive the mini cars.  They also did not allow.  Le sigh!!

We had to promise Z toys to lift his mood.


There were nice playgrounds at the park too, so the boys spent almost an hour playing there. 20140526-221335-80015271.jpg


After the Children’s Park, I went to my own wonderland.  We visited the H store at Dosan Park since it was a local flagship store.  It was a beautiful visit before we made our way to Lotte World Shopping Centre where Toys’r’us was housed.  We had a simple lunch and rushed to shop.

This was the local version of ‘Transformers’ called Tobots.20140526-221335-80015809.jpg

We picked out a toy for X too.  We also found some interesting accessories such as a netted bottle holder with sling strap.  Once we were done with the kids, we headed up to the Lotte Duty Free store.  I was almost tempted with a Classic Pink Chanel Classic Flap in jumbo size.  However, though the price was pre-increase at US$5500 (while it was $8410 in SG), it was a little hard to justify paying so much for a Chanel flap when I used to only pay 3K+!  We walked away from the bag and headed back to Dongdaemun for more shopping.  I also had to pick up the glittery ironman t-shirt for Z.  It was retailing at US$20 and Mr H had been reluctant to let me buy initially because the boys had so many clothes.

X had a mini puke job during the shopping.  He was coughing till he puked.  He had been strapped to Mr H via baby bjorn so that meant both of them stank.  We had dinner at Hanwoori.  Once dinner ended, X gestured for me to remove his overalls.

As though he was shy that he was revealing too much skin, he tried to pull his romper down to cover his kneecaps.


The much acclaimed Ironman T-shirt20140526-221336-80016381.jpg

We cabbed back from Dongdaemun to Myeongdong.  They were along the same main road and it only cost 4000won.




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