Last Day in Korea

Our flight was 1640H and we planned to check out at 1200H so that we could take the airport limousine bus to Incheon International Airport.  It was only 10,000won per adult and the pick-up point was a mere 1-minute walk from our hotel.

Given that we had to check out by 12pm, we headed out at 10am for brunch at Holly’s Coffee. 20140526-221816-80296318.jpg



It was so early that we had the whole floor to ourselves for the whole hour and the boys played catching.20140526-221816-80296963.jpg

This was us on the bus20140526-221817-80297075.jpg

Some friends would wonder why we did not opted for taxi to go to the airport.  Well, a regular taxi might not have sufficient boot space to house our 29″ and 32″ luggage as well as a stroller.  A bigger taxi would cost US$100, so taking the airport limousine bus sounded like a good option to me.

X, looking pensive at the airport20140526-221817-80297472.jpg

We had lunch after getting the custom stamp for our purchases and checking in our luggage.  We had a lot of time to shop, to collect our tax refunds in cash and to shop more.  I ended up buying a pair of Issey Miyaki perfume because it was only US$60 per bottle!  Mr H grabbed a pair too.  His was around US$50.

Waiting for boarding20140526-221818-80298105.jpg

During the flight, we celebrated our friend’s child’s first year old birthday.  We did not get to sing the birthday song but we got to enjoy the complimentary birthday cake prepared by SQ.

We also bumped into a friend on the return flight20140526-221818-80298003.jpg


Z had immense entertainment while we endured the long wait for luggages.  This pretty much summed up our holiday to Korea.  While Z was a handful, it was still a great trip.


3 responses to “Last Day in Korea

  1. Hubby and I once spent 7 hours at Incheon (shopping, relaxing, eating at the lounge), and we thought it still wasn’t enough. Have you gone to the Cultural Centre where you can dress up and take photos? Not sure if they have kids costumes, but it would be so fun if they do!

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