Paley & Love’s Neon Pinks & Greens


I am really liking this series of neon pinks and greens.  The leftmost dress, as featured on Yores, has fluffy neon pink sleeves.  The fabric is light and airy, the myriad of colours and prints, as well as the style really adds the pop to the entire style.

My favorite is the dress in the middle.  The colours are so bright and the near retro prints simply make this a statement fashion piece.  Too bad it does not come in my size.  It is really a pity.

The last dress which come in apple green has such a pretty tulle bottom and back that it is a classy piece.

As for what Z is wearing, I love the vogue prints on the bermudas.  It goes with all his boring, plain tops.  The motifs has seemed rather challenging at first but if paired well, it spruces up an outfit easily, especially in sunny Singapore where everyone tends to dress down in bermudas.

The new collection will be released in phases while there are more stylish apparels available via

2 responses to “Paley & Love’s Neon Pinks & Greens

  1. your models are very very good looking!

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