Appreciating our country

Z loved to ask questions, like every child on the street. I loved it when he asked good questions which would lead on to more questions.

In particular, I liked this question that he asked. He asked why it was so expensive to buy a car in Singapore and why everything else was so expensive in Singapore. It gave me a chance to explain how young Singapore was, how the country worked, how insane COE was, how we did not have natural resources, how the country was so competitive and why there was a need to stay competitive.

My point was not to exert pressure on him, but for him to appreciate what he had today, what Singapore could offer him, to be grateful and to ask what he could do for his family and country one day. I also told him that not too long ago, his own great-grandparents were foreigners on this land and how they had worked very hard to let us enjoy the fruits of their labour today.

Z enjoyed hearing the stories and told us that he loved Singapore very much. Well, I really hoped he would.

A sense of appreciation would always go a long way.

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