Sports classes



I did not believe in enrichment classes because apart from tuition out of necessity, all other forms of enrichment, was more marketing than beneficial in terms or real character development. However, Z actually requested for enrichment rather fervently because his friends had all kinds of enrichment classes. The irony!

I made him wait for a few weeks and then quizzed him on his preferred enrichment. In the end, he decided on sports. It was an interesting decision that he came to and so we scouted for one.

At the first lesson with Shaw Little League which was a multi-sports academy, he was exposed to volleyball and tennis. He was mightily pleased and smiles plastered all his face. He was super happy.

I liked how earnest he tried (as compared to the usual stuffs which he would not try), the willing compliance to instruction and the ability to pay keen attention. I reckoned we would continue this till he discovered his favorite sports of all to specialize in.


X could only look on in envy. Well, there would be a time for you too.

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