More on Chef Yamashita’s cakes

I ordered the Choco-Ichigo (Choco fresh cream – strawberry shortcake) for a girlfriend’s birthday recently.  The cream was lovely but the sponge of the cake was denser and sweeter than what we expected.  The sponge was nice but it seemed to overwhelm the light choco cream.20140531-170550-61550841.jpg


This was the Mount Fuji cake at $6.80 per slice.  I rather liked this but my sister preferred Flor’s Mount Fuji as it offered more pastry layers within the cake.  I enjoyed the chestnut cream very much and I also told her I would be happy to settle for this than to walk another 500 down to Flor for additional pastry layers.20140531-170550-61550345.jpg

This unassuming dark cherries tart at $6.80.  It was actually very nice!  I was a fan of fresh cherries and I liked the way they had ‘prepped’ the cherries which worked well with the custard and tart.20140531-170549-61549913.jpg

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