Death by macarons



In this box, it featured the following flavours – Raspberry Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Pistachio, Nutella Hazelnut, Hoji Azuki and Blueberry Oreo (which I had tried before).

I was particularly excited about the Nutella Hazelnut.  However, an overdose of cakes from Chef Yamashita meant that I was tried to stagger my desserts’ intake. Hence, I had actually froze the macarons to savour over a longer period of time.

My facial had ended 30min ahead of schedule and I had casually skimmed through my Facebook newsfeed to discover the offering of Nutella Hazelnut for the day.  Hence, I swung over to the bakery.  The owner was pretty sweet because she recognised me the instant I stepped in.  Then she actually asked if I had not worn makeup for the day because I looked slightly different and I was usually accompanied by my family or the very least Z.

Well, what to say?  Not only was the entire family a fan of her macarons, we also loved her financiers in Chocolate and Green Tea flavours.  Too bad about missing the Durian flavoured financiers a few weeks ago though!

Yes, so I reckoned I would actually be having a really unhealthy addiction to the divine macarons for a long time.

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