Paley & Love X Studio Memories

It was taken at Studio Memories. The clothes were by Paley & Love. The child models were cheery and fun.

The photos were fabulous.

It was a perfect formula and I really liked how the photos turned out. I thought both Z and Y (yes, the girl’s name started with Y) looked very compatible. Plus, the pairing of the outfits went very well.

I really like the Korean flair to all the clothes. If only the clothes came on adult sizes! Anyhow, the photos at Studio Memories turned out so well that I was tempted to book for my family photoshoot. One thing for sure, while the great outdoors boasted of beautiful sunlight, our weather was too humidly hot to smile and pose in.

Enjoy the photos!








8 responses to “Paley & Love X Studio Memories

  1. love the pictures, and yes Z is so dashing!

  2. nice pics! I worked with Crystal from studio memories before too!

  3. Glad you like the pictures.
    Think Alicia got my name wrong. lol

  4. Eatshopbemerry

    So many awesome shots with your two cutesy models!! X & Y did a fab job modelling the latest designs *thumbs up*

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