Belated Father’s Day celebration

Given how belated the celebration was and how late this post was scheduled, this was really late news.

I had to admit by the time the mummies (wives of 4 good friends) came together to decide on a free period, Father’s Day would have passed. That was something which we mummies had not really realized when we scheduled to meet for dinner on 21st June. All of us were too busy at the earlier weekend.

It had become somewhat of a tradition to celebrate Father’s Day for the guys. It started two years ago at Great World City when YX and I surprised our other halves with an ice cream cake.

Last year, it was a surprise Dim Sum lunch for 3 daddies. This year, maybe the guys were expecting it and could have been disappointed when we breathed no word of it. Mr H claimed he was not surprised and was half waiting for it. What surprised the guys was that we roped in a 4th daddy who was a new daddy in their foray.

It was a hearty and boisterous dinner where our table was complained for disturbance (again).


After the dinner, some of us adjourned for wine at our place.


Man, the last time we actually got to sit down for wine together was easily 6 years ago! I actually casually suggested about going to Mambo on 8th Aug and was met with quizzical looks.

The question was who would look after these rascals.


Life before kids had been crazy, life after kids was crazier and so here was a toast to celebrating many more years of parenthood where we knew the kids would fight to blow out every single candle on the cake.


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