Paley & Love @ Public Garden Flea market


It was our first participation at Public Garden. Well meaning friends had always asked us to take part since the beginning of beginnings. We were really too busy in between the kids’ lessons, holidays and other activities. This time round, the Public Garden was over a stretch of long weekend and rendered it timely to participate.

Z had his first flyer distribution experience.

There were simulation activities such as Doctor for a day, Kidzania and more. However, nothing could quite top the experience of “working” to earn your keep.

The boys were told to finish giving out a small handful of flyers before they could have their ice cream treats. Z was rather shy about it initially. He managed to take on the job with cheer and smiles. All but 5 minutes’ later, he claimed to be tired. I told him it was fine to give up on the job and the ice cream.

That was why he got really upset and told me to account the batch of flyers he gave out much earlier.

I took the chance to teach him that it was not easy to earn an ice cream treat, let alone to earn money. Therefore, it was wrong to waste toys/clothes/food. I hoped he could remember this.

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