KidStop at Science Centre

This is a separate entity from the Science Centre and requires separate entrance ticket. I have seen a few shots and blog mentions about this place. The pictures are interesting enough to warrant a trip down.

I had thought that the entrance fees were high (if you thought of it as a local attraction) but if I compared it to indoor playgrounds, the price tags were acceptable. It was a matter of perspective.

The decor was awesome and honestly, my favorite part was this free fall “game”. The maximum height was 7m and lowest was 3m. I thought it was the craziest thing ever to see a child free fall from 7m! However, Z was only game to fall from 4m. I thought this section alone was sufficient to redeem the full value of all our entrance fees. It was way too cool!

Gearing up!20140622-214800-78480702.jpg


Featuring another child who took the 7m plunge20140622-214800-78480331.jpg

A confident shot – before he got really worried up there20140622-222152-80512007.jpg

Becoming a pro20140622-214801-78481051.jpg

We actually made Z go up 4 times in total because I wanted him to break his own 4m limit and try for a 5m drop.  Another older kid actually told me to let Z stick with 4m if that was what Z was really comfortable with.  Very wise words coming from the kid, which I obliged!  When Z was doing his 3rd round, an older boy was squirming about being scared.  Z turned to him and informed him very solemnly, “You will not die.”  That seemed like a scene out of a funny flick.

Another older girl ran up to Z and told him that it was very important to say his last prayer.  As Z laid down to hold on to the crowbar, the girl ran back and reminded him to pray.


Z’s favorite was this maze like climb because there was a music playground on top??! I had no idea because we never bothered to climb. However, it was a maze so Z actually got lost a few times! He would shout for us and in due time, he learnt to follow other kids for his way out. What was hilarious was during his last round of playing, he got lost (again!!) and the older boy he was following around to exit also was lost. It was a good ten minutes before we intervened and I used my super photographic memory to guide Z down, simply based on how some kids had exited the “maze”.


The boys liked playing with the air pressure and the ‘wind turbines’ area.  I managed to explain some bits on conservation of energy, how kinetic energy was converted to wind energy, and as Z loosely put it “the fan”.20140622-222152-80512374.jpg


The construction zone was fairly crowded so Z did not have a good overview of how pulley systems worked.  He played with the gears but it was quite a mess so I skipped the explanation.

The boys played with the tractor and X was not impressed by the slow ride.20140622-222151-80511171.jpg

There were more role playing.20140622-222151-80511468.jpg


There was a kiddie theatre so Z got to experience cinematic magic.20140622-222914-80954287.jpg


X’s favorite zones were Lego & Cooking.20140622-222913-80953602.jpg

Riding an impossible tricycle20140622-222913-80953895.jpg

There were a few exhibits of live animals and insects too.20140622-222914-80954965.jpg

The boys loved how cute the chicks were.  Z asked where their mummy was and swiftly concluded that she had gone shopping.  What a stereotype for mummies!20140622-222915-80955310.jpg


We actually managed to cover the entire KidSTOP in 3 hours with repeated visits to our favorite zones.  It was a pretty fun place and more meaningful for children above 3 years’ old.  Any younger, it was more of a show and tell than a try and experience place, which rendered Science Centre or other venues a better option.  Z enjoyed the place so much that he referred to it as a playground.

2 responses to “KidStop at Science Centre

  1. looks really fun for Z!
    and the things kids say, too hilarious!

    • Kids say the cutest thing 😉 I find it more worthwhile to visit when the kids are older cos adults have to pay for admission fees too. Most of the stations aren’t so suitable for younger kiddos ..

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