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The last of all Belated Birthday Posts

Even as of the point when this happened, it was belated. Mr. H felt it was important to hold a separate birthday celebration for me to recognize an unique day of my own.

Though I had declined his staycation idea, he still would like to indulge me with a personal cake and dinner. Given that I overdosed on cakes for the entire week, he created a ‘macaron’ cake. It was a surprise marred by Z.

Z had gone,”Daddy told me a secret but I cannot tell you.” Mr H groaned and Z went on to unveil the rest of the details with my 360° probing.

My unique macaron cake


Mr H actually contacted Joyce of Joys Baking & Co to ensure that I had not ordered macarons for the weekend. I reckoned I was more impressed with the fact that he tried to verify more than the cake itself.

We had a subsequent dinner date at Equinox where we managed to get 50% off the total bill with the Feed At Raffles card. We could not have chosen a better time to go because we managed to catch the fireworks display from the NDP rehearsal. Z and X were delighted!





The long stretch of birthday celebrations literally ended with a bang. Z was so thrilled that he could not stop talking about how near the fireworks were to him.

To both of us who would turn older together in the same week every year, to more years of celebrating our birthdays together and for each other, to more boisterous years of having the kids sing birthday songs and blow out our candles. If moments could stay, these happy times would be forever etched in memories and in words.

Oriental fashion preparation

Z’s school had tasked us to prepare an oriental style outfit for an upcoming fashion parade in school.

We had no inkling of what to do and decided to purchase an outfit from Yue Hwa. We spruced it up with a scarf, a hat and an accessory. We taught Z how he should sashay down the ‘runway’ confidently. It was a pretty hilarious session and captured on video.

Whilst we were at it, X wanted to don his hat too. He trailed Z for his ‘runway walks’.




One for all and all for one

At the risk of sounding like a ‘kiasu’ mother, I discovered with a startling heart that we had many pre-school assessment books at home.  We were given many books when the company my dad worked for had to clear their inventories.  As such, in order not to waste the books, I had to allocate some time for Z to do.

We were lucky that Z did not kick up a fuss and accepted it as it was.

X would like to sit next to Z as Z did his work.  He would flip picture books as he waited for Z to finish up.  I would really call that team spirit!

This pair of brothers shared such a great relationship (at the moment) that it brought smiles to our faces all the time.

Earlier, Z was at X’s room to play and both boys were giggling so hard over peek-a-boo.


Belated Birthday Celebration Post

Friends who knew Mr H & my birth dates could probably do the math and realised how belated this post was.  I thought I would like to record for posterity. It would be nice to look back to count the calories consumed from the numerous birthday cakes and feasts.

Having our birth dates 4 days’ apart meant we enjoyed a week’s of feasting and overeating.

First up was dinner at the then newly opened Pince & Pints where the family of 4 indulged in fresh lobsters.  My taste buds were piqued when I saw how the dish presentation resembled that of Burger & Lobster in London.  While the lobsters were 200g smaller, the fries thinner and the sauce weaker, Pince & Pints still served as a great local haunt for lobster cravings.





Cake featured: Mille Feuille from Chef Yamashita

Next up was dinner with my girlfriends at Supply & Demand, Orchard Gateway.  They served up a mean dish of grilled snapper at $25.  It was lovely.  The house red wine, a new world wine, was decent and lovely too.  One of my girlfriends shared the same birth date as Mr H, which meant it was 4 days’ apart from mine too.  We were surprised that the restaurant was generously dishing up a 50% discount off every second main course.



Cake featured: Strawberry Shortcake from Chef Yamashita

Third up was dinner at Majestic Restaurant located at Gardens by the Bay with Mr H’s family.  The dishes were delicious and had an interesting spin to it.  Our favourite was the Japanese Soya Sauce Crab!



Cake featured: Strawberry Shortcake from Chef Yamashita

Following fast on the heels was dinner at Wan He Lou with my family.  They offered great dishes at good value.  The lobster porridge was sweet and flavourful, but my favourite was the deep fried lotus root chips in salted egg yolk.



Cake featured: Strawberry cake from Charles’ Classic Cake

I thought I ought to record down that apart from the Green Tea Azuki cake from Cake Glace from my colleagues, all candles featured on the earlier cakes were blown out by Z & X.  Yes, the Frozen themed ice cream cake was not spared too.


However, it was such a joy celebrating with the children that I would gladly let them blow every candle on our cakes.  We were very blessed and happy to be celebrating our birthdays together with Z & X.

At point of writing, Mr H still owed me a birthday dinner at Equinox.  Perhaps one more cake for the children to revel in?

The night routine

We had a habit of tucking Z in bed and kissing him good night, like most parents.

Since X had been ’empowered’ to get up and down his bed, there were nights where X was tucked in and he would climb down to go to Z’s room.  He would kiss and hug Z before returning to his room for bed.

I thought that was the sweetest and cutest thing ever.

X also like to perch himself at the bay window and take in the night views.  He would spend 10 minutes admiring the window view and climbed back to his bed.  Another timely reminder to enjoy life and smell the roses.

We could tell that X really enjoyed the ‘ownership’ of his own room.  He would adjourn to his room whenever he felt like a quick rest, that was not unlike Z who used to troop back to his own room for naps.