It had been a long while since I tracked back and thought the past week’s entries bordered upon disorganization and randomness.

The fact was they were written in broken periods and small pockets of free time.

The weekends had been busy, a mad flurry of parties, outings and activities.

Our social calendar was so packed that we had to map our appointments carefully to avoid double booking. It was also during this period that X fell sick to a second round of hfmd.

At this juncture (belated and probably recovered by the time the post went out), I felt really sad about the level of pain X had to go through. I saw the cluster of ulcers in his throat. The previous hfmd strain that he contracted featured some ugly red spots but there was no ulcer. That had been a pain free process for him and my only guilt was that I was not able to take leave to look after him then.

This round, I had to count my blessings that I was able to take some leave days to babysit him. However, it pained me to see him asking for food and spitting out from the sheer pain of it.

We might have been too liberal in letting him join the activities with the older kids and exposed him to more risks. At the same time, we might have been too lax and tardy in giving him tonics and supplements.

I felt really bad that we had been an indirect cause of his plight and we could do little to alleviate his pains.

2 responses to “Stuck

  1. Hugz! Don’t blame yourself!

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