Read a book


It was more of a milestone for me than for Z!

I managed to coach him into reading a book independently (actually two books) in less than 15 minutes. It seemed like my tutoring skills were very much in place. I used to give private tuition for 6 years as extra pocket money. I taught mostly secondary students and I would have stopped giving private tuition totally by the time I started work. However I had a student whom I taught math from Primary 5 and her mother requested that I complete up to O levels with her. That explained why the tuition stint was 6 years.

I had to admit that I was not good with teaching basic fundamentals like writing ABC. However, I still made a good private tutor, and it sure looked to be a lifelong tuition job going ahead.

Z was bursting with joy when he realized he was capable of completing a book on his own. I picked a simpler book to boost his morale and it was a real encouragement. He went on to read to Mr H who was very surprised too. However, he probably was tired and made some mistakes for subsequent rounds.

Z was so upset with himself that he cried.

I might sound sadistic but I was happy to see him so concerned about his reading performance. I used swimming and sports to explain fatigue and stamina. He would become better at reading eventually because practice made perfect.

In any case, Z’s teachers were right and they had been instrumental in prepping him to read as well as guiding us to teach him.

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