Roomwarming party for X



As a follow-up to the room transformation, I decided to throw a cosy roomwarming party for X.  I wanted to create an anchor in his mind of the new milestone in his life.  These were part of my parenting strategy to show X that we understood and acknowledged that he was in a new phase of his life.  We should not be referring to him as a baby.  We were aware that he had opinions, a little mind of his own and we were ready to embrace all of that.

Party snacks (pooled from existing inventory) 20140706-195035-71435103.jpg

A simple party in X’s room20140706-195035-71435594.jpg

X was thrilled that we made such a big fuss out of the whole thing.  He was already very pleased with his ‘new’ room.  Throw a party where he was the guest of honour?  He was majorly pleased.  We ate, chatted and fooled around.

I got to ‘serious business’ and told X that being a toddler meant he knew the world better.  However, he was no longer a baby and should not resort to crying to demand his way all the time.  X seemed to understand this bit and was even shaking his head when asked if he had been a good boy.

I also asked Z to share some tips with X on how to be a good toddler.  Z explained to X that he was to eat faster (this was more of a problem for Z), listen to daddy and mummy as well as to take care of his toys.

The revamp of the room and the party had made a significant impact on little X.

It was a recognition of the ‘upgrade’ in status.  X also seemed more reasonable in accepting some of our explanations when we were not able to give in to his odd demands such as eating wet wipes.  Toddlers had a different agenda of their own, a different perception of the world and too strong willed to accept deviations.

By our show of acknowledgement, I wanted X to feel that we heard his little voice.

And it worked.



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