Moments with X when he was 17.5 months’ old

#1. Cleaning the air

A couple of weeks ago, X did a major poop job.  I had to change his diaper and the smell was so bad that it lingered in the room.

What surprised me next was that X totted up to the air purifier in his room and turned it on.

#2. Moth and mouth

Most people would recall the swarm of moths on our sunny island.  We would see an occasional moth at our balcony.  We tried to teach X about moths.  He ended up pointing to his mouth all the time.  It was then I realised he had confused moth with mouth.  He probably thought they were the same thing or lest they sounded the same!

#3. The not-so-cute moment with X

I might have shared this on instagram very long ago (nearly 2 months’ ago).  I posted a toned down version of X lying on the floor and screeching in a fit of tantrum.  That actually explained why I leaped to the action of transforming his room within 2 weeks.  He would fly into such violent and ferocious rages.  It could be a sign of his tempers to come but I really hoped we would be able to help him manage his anger.

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