A good run

Z’s school was closed for Youth Day.

It coincided with the day X had to return to his PD for a review and consent to return to school after his hfmd episode.

I took leave to look after both kids.  The kids seemed to be in a rather cooperative mood and we had an exceptional run for the day.

Both kids had a breakfast of Kokokrunch in fresh milk.  They trotted off for their separate baths, adjourned for play in X’s room and had a round of reading/drawing in Z’s room.  They proceeded to have their lunch in a cordial and mess-free manner at the children’s table in Z’s room.  X impressed me by self-feeding rather accurately.  I believed he had been trained to feed in school but he did remarkably well!  We actually completed all of the above in 2 hours.

We popped down to United Square for PD’s review.  When we were back, both boys had their afternoon naps respectively and woke up to more play and cartoons.  We had a really good run today and it almost tempted me to want to be a stay home mom… not!  It was either the novelty or I had really well behaved kids on my hand.

In any case, staying at home with both of them for a day was fun.  I witnessed how they interacted and played with each other.  X had several futile attempts in making Z wake up from his nap to play with him.  That alone was enough to land me in guffaws.

X was really good in gesturing and communicating his requests to Z, when Z was awake of course.

When Z eventually did wake up, the boys played and played till they went down to the pool for another splashy fun time.  After dinner, they continued to play and I did wonder for very long – how they mustered the energy to play for the entire day?

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