The night routine

We had a habit of tucking Z in bed and kissing him good night, like most parents.

Since X had been ’empowered’ to get up and down his bed, there were nights where X was tucked in and he would climb down to go to Z’s room.  He would kiss and hug Z before returning to his room for bed.

I thought that was the sweetest and cutest thing ever.

X also like to perch himself at the bay window and take in the night views.  He would spend 10 minutes admiring the window view and climbed back to his bed.  Another timely reminder to enjoy life and smell the roses.

We could tell that X really enjoyed the ‘ownership’ of his own room.  He would adjourn to his room whenever he felt like a quick rest, that was not unlike Z who used to troop back to his own room for naps.


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