Belated Birthday Celebration Post

Friends who knew Mr H & my birth dates could probably do the math and realised how belated this post was.  I thought I would like to record for posterity. It would be nice to look back to count the calories consumed from the numerous birthday cakes and feasts.

Having our birth dates 4 days’ apart meant we enjoyed a week’s of feasting and overeating.

First up was dinner at the then newly opened Pince & Pints where the family of 4 indulged in fresh lobsters.  My taste buds were piqued when I saw how the dish presentation resembled that of Burger & Lobster in London.  While the lobsters were 200g smaller, the fries thinner and the sauce weaker, Pince & Pints still served as a great local haunt for lobster cravings.





Cake featured: Mille Feuille from Chef Yamashita

Next up was dinner with my girlfriends at Supply & Demand, Orchard Gateway.  They served up a mean dish of grilled snapper at $25.  It was lovely.  The house red wine, a new world wine, was decent and lovely too.  One of my girlfriends shared the same birth date as Mr H, which meant it was 4 days’ apart from mine too.  We were surprised that the restaurant was generously dishing up a 50% discount off every second main course.



Cake featured: Strawberry Shortcake from Chef Yamashita

Third up was dinner at Majestic Restaurant located at Gardens by the Bay with Mr H’s family.  The dishes were delicious and had an interesting spin to it.  Our favourite was the Japanese Soya Sauce Crab!



Cake featured: Strawberry Shortcake from Chef Yamashita

Following fast on the heels was dinner at Wan He Lou with my family.  They offered great dishes at good value.  The lobster porridge was sweet and flavourful, but my favourite was the deep fried lotus root chips in salted egg yolk.



Cake featured: Strawberry cake from Charles’ Classic Cake

I thought I ought to record down that apart from the Green Tea Azuki cake from Cake Glace from my colleagues, all candles featured on the earlier cakes were blown out by Z & X.  Yes, the Frozen themed ice cream cake was not spared too.


However, it was such a joy celebrating with the children that I would gladly let them blow every candle on our cakes.  We were very blessed and happy to be celebrating our birthdays together with Z & X.

At point of writing, Mr H still owed me a birthday dinner at Equinox.  Perhaps one more cake for the children to revel in?

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