One for all and all for one

At the risk of sounding like a ‘kiasu’ mother, I discovered with a startling heart that we had many pre-school assessment books at home.  We were given many books when the company my dad worked for had to clear their inventories.  As such, in order not to waste the books, I had to allocate some time for Z to do.

We were lucky that Z did not kick up a fuss and accepted it as it was.

X would like to sit next to Z as Z did his work.  He would flip picture books as he waited for Z to finish up.  I would really call that team spirit!

This pair of brothers shared such a great relationship (at the moment) that it brought smiles to our faces all the time.

Earlier, Z was at X’s room to play and both boys were giggling so hard over peek-a-boo.


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