Graduating from infantcare

With a startling reminder, X graduated from infantcare and joined the playgroup officially.

It was an official mark of toddlerhood.

A while back, I stopped bringing X up to class because he would cry after I dropped him, as though he was too attached to me. Recently, I heard from Mr H that X would be very cheerful upon reaching the school.

He had also started to understand the concept of sleeping and would go to bed by himself. There was no need for us to sit by his bed and watch him fall asleep.

When he saw skate scooters, he would step on it and try to skate. That was a pretty good and brave attempt.

He had been fervent and consistent on self-feeding too. He was doing a better job than Z at this age.

I supposed the cutest thing was when he understood the concept of throwing and kicking balls.


My little boy had outgrown his 18 months of infancy.


3 responses to “Graduating from infantcare

  1. he seems to be rather independent.

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