Fragility of life

A few weeks ago, I had the oddest dream. I felt displaced in the dream. It got me to thinking about what I would leave behind when I leave the world one day. What would I experience in death?

Human beings expire. So much for talking about aspirations a decade ago.

We could have all that we could have today, what would happen when our lifespan expire?

Dreams would turn to dust, love would turn to memories, a touch would be nothing more than a distant thought.

It almost made me feel sorry for the days when we were caught up over the most frivolous thing on earth, fretting over life’s insignificant moments and wasting precious times together.

Treasure all that you have today, enjoy every moment, be truly happy and contented. We must be thankful for our very existence and not take it for granted.

Stay safe, loved and be blessed.

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