Going to sleep

X had completed yet another milestone. Shortly after turning 18 month old, he was capable of going to bed by himself. To begin with, he had always slept in his own room from Day 1. When his cot was converted to bed, he would always get off and run amok in the house. Mr H would shepherd him back to bed and watch over him till he slept. I never had such patience.

One night, Mr H went out for late night drinks with his friends. I brought both boys out for dinner, window shopped, watched TV and played.


We had a mightily good time. By 11pm, I was tired. Z had gone to bed but X was still very active. He refused to listen to me, so I filed a complaint message to Mr H, who was going to reach home in another 15 minutes, and stormed off to bed.

The next morning, Mr H told me that X was already in bed when he got home. It sparked off the spell of X learning to go to bed on his own and without someone sitting by his bedside.

Guess this lucky streak fell on our laps rather unexpectedly.


To fellow parents, it would never hurt to make your opinions known to kids. They might actually grant your wish some times!

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