Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane

Boasted of a really cool coffee shop.

We first popped down after hearing about the famous, crispy chicken wings.

It was closed on a Monday night. We returned two days later and was pleasantly surprised by the offerings. There was a German beer and stew stall, Two Wings, a French stall, a seafood stall and a pasta stall.

I loved everything laksa based and was in love with this. The linguine was a tad too soft but the taste made up for it.


The truffle fries which came with the top up was passable but not impressive. For both pasta and truffle fries at $13, it was hard to complain.

The wings were good but it was not compelling for return visits.

However, we returned in the evening with my cousins and tried more dishes. My favorite was foie gras at $16.50. I would return for this.


The grilled snapper at $12 was passable. The serving size was huge though.


All in all, it was a nice place with good, cheap eats. Still could not believe how long it took me to know about this when my old office was just a few minutes’ drive away.

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