Walk the talk, scoot the walk

By day 2, X was gliding on his Micro skate scooter with ease. That was pretty good for a 18.5 months’ old. The product was built for 2+ years’ old onwards.

The most amazing part was – we had done nothing to teach him.

It was Z who inspired his little brother to take up scooting. While everyone was bemused with X’s achievements, I took note to constantly encourage and pay attention to Z. On a few occasions, Z actually asked why no one was looking at him. The fact that X was performing beyond our expectations triggered Z to work harder at mastering his 2-wheel scooter.

By the time X was able to glide on his 2-day old scooter, Z was able to glide and balance on his 2-wheeler. It was definitely friendly competition at play.

I explained to Z that X’s success in scooting was all due to him. That made Z feel like a very proud brother and less jealous of the attention we were fawning over X.

I researched more on this brand called Micro and realized that in their product classification, a 2-wheel scooter, though built for 5-12 years’ old, was recommended for 8 years old onwards.

Given that Z was only 4.5++ years’ old, we had unwittingly gave him a tall order to fulfill. In our hearts, we had honestly thought that practicing on a 2-wheel scooter would help him to master riding a bicycle without its baby wheels. He did achieve very good results for his first trial on the bicycle today. We reckoned he would be able to cycle by the next ‘lesson’.

2 responses to “Walk the talk, scoot the walk

  1. it is a feat indeed! for both boys.
    I set it up and I could see how difficult it is for L.. so X is really fast! and garang. πŸ˜›

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