Play at Polliwogs

Amongst all the indoor playgrounds, my favorite was Polliwogs for its newness, the variety and most importantly, the value passes.

I felt some branches were more suitable for the preschoolers too. The rowdy primary school children tended to worry me too much about my children’s safety.

When they opened at Suntec this year, I was filled with anticipation too. Z had a special place in his heart for Polliwogs too because we did his 3rd year old birthday party at Polliwogs Robertson Walk. Those were the days when X was still in my tummy and I would take annual leave to bring Z to Polliwogs on weekday afternoons.

Crowds aside, my favorite Polliwogs would still be Robertson Walk, Vivo City, Suntec City and then East Coast Park.

Given that we purchased value passes for both kids, we should be heading down to Polliwogs more often, and to enjoy their free flow tea and coffee.




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