A model and an actor


If I always thought Z could make a spiffy model, X would probably make a good actor. He had a myriad of the cutest expressions. Look how long Z could hold out in his pose and how X had varied his expressions in the same photos.

Both boys were so similar and yet different with a twist – like a glass of Vanilla Latte Macchiato and a glass of Caramel Latte Macchiato.

X seemed to be full of quirky ideas. He liked all the toys that Z adored. He tried to be like Z but disliked being pulled into activities by Z. He was more stubborn than Z. In the area of feeding, X refused to relinquish the job of feeding to us. In many instances, X was more persistent and assertive. While we could break down Z’s defenses in the past, X was trickier.

Seemed like a long way for us to figure this one out.

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