Preparing to go to Zoo

“I have to bring a raincoat, a small bag, water bottle and sunglasses to go to Zoo tomorrow,” Z informed us.

We were thrown off balance with the mention of raincoat. He never had one, so where could we source that with less than 24 hours’ notice?

As we went down the checklist, I asked,”Sunglasses?! Your teacher asked you to bring sunglasses?”

“It could be sunny, so we would need sunglasses,” he piqued.

Raincoat sounded like a legit instruction but sunglasses sounded rather off tangent. Z then broke into guffaws and said the sunglasses was his idea.

Eventually, he did bring his sunglasses and I managed to find a raincoat from an accessories shop near my office. When I asked him about the excursion, Z said cheekily,”I did not use the raincoat because there was no rain but I used the sunglasses. I was the only one who brought sunglasses.”

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