Starry lanterns



Both boys were very blessed to have a handmade lantern each from their grandma. My mom had made it out of recycled materials. It was made out of paper bags, plastic files, a mini torch and fishing line.

There was a blinking mode and a constant mode for the mini torch lights.

A week to Mid autumn festival, I bought two boxes of mooncakes for my family. The first was the Teochew flaky skin orh ni mooncake and the later was the organic pandan snowskin mao shan wang durian mooncakes.



I had not purchased durian mooncakes for very long because it was a lethal combination for the waistline. Having seen so many positive reviews about Peony Jade’s durian mooncakes, it called for a trial.

It was really good and much better than Goodwood Park’s.

X shared the durian mooncake readily with me while Z was more hesitant regarding the taste. He seemed to have forgotten how much he loved durian when he was younger.

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