The humility lesson

Z could be quite a show off, namely because he was the oldest grandchild and he was used to hearing us singing praises of him.

When Z could first swim, we fawned over him. However, he had not shown much progress to date. One morning, he saw a neighbour, a 6-year old girl, swimming freestyle very well. He was surprised that she could swim so well when he had even asked her if she knew how to swim a few months ago.

We explained to him that his attitude was wrong. There would always be someone better than him, unless he knew how well the other person was, he should not be flaunting his mediocre skills in front of the pro.

Likewise, not long after he mastered the basics of cycling, he was less inclined to listen to what we had to teach. It was only till he saw other kids riding faster and better did he realize there was much room for improvement.

As the Chinese saying went, 一山还比一山高。

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