Legoland Malaysia – Part 1

While we had visited Legoland in UK, heading to Legoland Malaysia was definitely a first for all of us, especially X. Z had visited Legoland UK when he was 18 months’ old so it was an uncanny reminder to bring X at 19.5 months’ old. At this age group, there was a reason why they did not require entrance tickets. They had to sit out most of the attractions!

There were 4 rides which Z missed because the minimum height was 110cm and 120cm. Given how he took to The Dragon’s Apprentice ride, those rides were probably too thrilling for him.

We had gone with our friends who had 2 boys too, and the 4 little boys were great friends to begin with. Though Z was not comfortable with the mini roller coaster, his best friend who was taller and cleared more thrill rides egged him on. Both boys had their reservations but the egging prompted them to go for a second round which us mummies were happy to oblige. Ironically, it was the mummies who enjoyed chaperoning these young chaps for the rides when the number twos were not screaming for our company.

We had gone over on the Teacher’s Day weekend and opted to stay at Legoland Hotel from Thursday to Saturday. We really loved the proximity of the hotel to the entrances of both the Legoland park and the water park. The hotel package came with a complimentary upgrade to a 2-day pass.

We had taken a private transfer (Toyota Alphard) which picked us up from our homes at 9am and dropped us at the hotel doorstep by 1015am. The convenience was $130 per way for the choice of vehicle to house the 8 of us. Had we picked a smaller 7-seater vehicle, it would only be $90 per way.

We were very lucky that our premium rooms were ready for early check in. That really helped to mitigate the amount of barang barangs we had to bring to the water park. Our plan was to conquer the water park on the first day.

There were lockers for full day usage with biometric multiple access at RM20 and RM40 a day. If you rented the cabana at RM280 a day, there was also a safe provided! However, I would rather have the convenience of a hotel room any day, especially when we had unpredictable and possibly unreasonable toddlers on hand.

We started at the water park at 11am where the boys played with both junior and standard water playground as well as the “Build A Raft” till 12pm. We had a quick lunch of fast food at RM25 per set. By 1230pm, the kids dived back to the pool and play.

Unlike at Port of Lost Wonder where X adapted to the water playground well, he was pretty upset at the standard playground as the water force was too strong and water was too cold. Thankfully the junior playground and the floating Lego bricks brightened his mood.

Post lunch, we also went to the wave pool and the more exciting water rides. Unfortunately, kids below 100cm had to miss out on a lot of fun action. Z and his bestie had a blast. There were so few people that they could go for many rounds per water ride. There was a particular one where you had to slide from a really tall slide on a ‘flying mat’, Z did it at least 4 times.

We actually tried all the rides by 2pm. We were either that efficient or the lack of crowds (aka no waiting time) meant our play time was maximized!

We headed back to the hotel to bathe the kids and were down by 3pm to visit the Legoland park.

Outside the hotel, to the park


Z’s first stop was the Driving school and when he went on his many rounds of driving, I took X to the boating school. X got to steer too.


The park was not crowded too, so we went for 2 rounds easily.

Z joined us shortly


We cleared the train express, the Airport City ride, the Fireman’s station, Beetle Bounce, two more rides, Kids’ Power Tower and even went up to Duplo City. We covered about 60% of the park by 6pm and was amongst the last few to vacate the park.

We headed for dinner at the Medini Mall which was right outside the park. We were so beat that we settled for this roast duck/chicken restaurant. Food was mediocre but there was rice and noodle for the kids.

Our friends came over to our room where the kids played Lego (YAY! Thankful for in-room Lego toys!), solved the in-room Lego puzzle to unlock the treasure chest for Legoland premiums and where the adults got to chill and play cards, almost like good old times.

We wrapped up the hectic first day by 10pm.

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