Wearing the shoes and other random bits

At 19 months and 3 weeks old, X was able to put on his crocs shoes by himself.

He was immensely proud. So were we.

He was also showing about ten front teeth and some molars. I was not sure why the rest of the teeth took so long to appear.

He liked to ‘run’ after Z. He would try very hard but ended up slower by half. It was a hilarious sight.

He could, however, eat doubly fast when compared to Z. This boy was born to eat. He lived to eat, unlike Z who ate to live.

He could also feed himself very well, apart from the times when he thought soups were meant for tossing.

He ate and snacked a lot.


I had always noticed how X could down a bottle of milk right after dinner. From the Legoland trip where he would sit out play sessions in favor for chips, I knew he was a snacker.

And he was!

The above pictured him into his 3rd serving of grapes after dinner and milk. He was even thundering, “I want more!”

Definitely a boy with a voracious appetite.

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