Boundless energies

Our boys have such high energy levels that it seems almost impossible to exhaust.

Xav does not nap sufficiently on weekends. It is almost impossible to get him to nap with so many activities going on. He takes a power nap of less than 30min and can trudge on to complete the day.

A few weeks ago, we brought Z to a new soccer school to try the class. It was a 9-1030am slot. X had woken up at 8am for breakfast and to tag along for the trial class.


We had a brunch date at the kids friendly and awesomely serviced Anthesis cafe. The prawn capelini was divine!





They also served very authentic iced chocolate with real chocolate bits. We let the boys scooted up and down the riverwalk though I half-envisioned one of them to fall into the river.

We returned home for swimming and play. It was supposed to be rest as X had concussed in the car after brunch. However, after a power nap, his engine was revving to go again.

It was Polliwogs where X had a ball of a time flying down the steep slides.


Only at 715pm did we call it a day and had dinner at Grandma restaurant. It struck me that X really took after me in this aspect, so I guessed I had found my match.

2 responses to “Boundless energies

  1. the energy level you have is amazing too.

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