Passing the freestyle test

Towards the end of the first term with Swimfast, there was a test at the 9th class. Thankfully, Z had pulled his socks up with respect to being serious if the time called for it and passed the test. He had commenced his backstrokes class and had demonstrated a whiff bit of it.

Once again, it proved the point on how well if he would if he paid attention to what was required of him.

At Swimfast, it would have taken most kids two years to clear the basic foundation (BF) and basic swim class (SK1). The kids would then move to Freestyle class (SK2), then Backstroke class (SK3) and more.

However, he gained a head start with Aqua Ducks and shaved off the learning period by more than half. He had been able to swim independently 7 months into the class (as he turned 4 years’ old). Aqua Ducks, while not the best school for strokes, gifted us with a water confident boy. When he joined Swimfast, he was placed into SK2 right away.

He had his off days when he was not swimming right and was almost demoted. We made him understand that he could not always fool around like when he was at Aqua Ducks. Thankfully he pulled his socks up and was promoted to the next level, instead of being ‘demoted’. You could hardly tell that this was the same boy who had to be threatened with withdrawal from swimming school weeks earlier! Of course, Mr H ensured regular practice on top of the weekly lessons.

What an awesome present 3 months before his actual birthday!

It coincided with a movie treat to catch Disney Planes.


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