Soccer school decided


With scooting, cycling and swimming in the bag, there were a few more sports to work on. Soccer was one such sport, namely because Mr H loved the sport and Z was influenced too.

A team sport was a good way to instill sense of learning through routine and discipline. We scoured high and low for a suitable soccer school. Z tried First Kick Academy, Espzen and ISA before I found one with such an impressive coach that despite the distance, even Mr H had to oblige me.

I was impressed by the drills, the footwork training, the attitude and how the coach kept the adrenaline pumping for the entire 90 minutes of the class. He was firm and yet, patient with all the U6 monkeys. He even knew at which instant the boys got distracted. He was adamant about making sure Z did the drill correctly.

On a frivolous note, the soccer class took place on a gorgeous and expensive grass pitch which was really, really hard to find. In all those times when I played touch rugby, we were never allowed to play on such turf for fear that the studs on the soccer boots would destroy the grass. Even Mr H concur on the quality of the turf.

2 responses to “Soccer school decided

  1. soccer is the sport that the hubs and I are keen to get L on (if he likes it)! looking forward to you sharing more about your soccer mum days! πŸ˜€

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